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Governments Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Money spent on weapons is largely wasted

Many countries have engaged in programs of purchasing and manufacturing weapons. Countries spend a lot of money in these weapons manufacture. There have been heated debates that have risen as a result of the expenses that the countries incur. There are those who argues that the large sum of money spent in manufacturing weapons could be used in other sectors of economy that would help the citizens in a more direct way for example education and health sector. On the other hand, there are those who argue that it is good for the countries to spend the money because weapons act as security for the people. This paper discusses the issue that money spent in weapons is largely wasted. The…

Should Governments Mandate Biofuels?

The bioenergy quest is on. And with this quest, man moves so expeditiously and responsibly. Others, on the other hand, think otherwise: man moves so expeditiously but irresponsibly. After all, one does not jump off from a vehicle on the fast move. Every one wants clean air but due to man’s activities, he dirties and tarnishes the very air he breathes. This is the basic regulatory reason behind setting up of the motor vehicle emission standards. The standards, however, have been pushed tougher to a limit, which sometimes causing debacle between a Federal agency and the other, or one environmental agency and one Senate committee. Among other vehicles, emission standards have been set for common vehicles like cars and light…