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Gottlob Frege Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Gottlob Frege’s Puzzle of Identity

There has been much philosophical debate over a solution to this complex language we use everyday. Gottlob Frege, a German mathematician, logician and philosopher, developed a puzzle about identity and a Descriptive Theory of Reference to address these issues. With the consideration of meaning, cognitive value, sense and reference, Frege attempts to organize a solution to these statements, but due to several problems regarding his theories, I oppose his solution. Consider this example: 1) a=a; ‘morning star=morning star’ 2) a=b; ‘morning star=evening star’ 3) b=a; ‘evening star=morning star’ Frege’s puzzle of identity concerns the identity and semantics of proper names and objects. In 1892 Frege noticed the equation a=a had the same meaning while a=b had the same cognitive value. He…