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Gospel of John Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Those Who Came and Followed Him

The Gospel according to John draws a distinction to the destinies of Simon Peter and John the Apostle whom Jesus loves. In resemblance to his teacher who is in the person of Jesus Christ, Simon Peter’s life is a testament that the ultimate expression of love is the sacrifice of one’s own life for the benefit of the one he loves. As for the Apostle whom Jesus loves, John devoted his long life in proclamation of the love of the Heavenly Father through His only Begotten Son. Be that as it may, both disciples served as instruments in spreading the Good News as they lived in faithful accordance to the will of the Father. As recorded history would have it,…

The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John

This paper will analyze the elements of the Gospel of John. Specifically, it will deal with the specific primary texts in the Gospel that deal with the Holy Spirit, and afterwards, will deal with the secondary literature on this topic. The basic argument here is that the purpose of the Sprit is to head the church and to guide the faithful to truth, avoiding heresy and schism. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Holy Trinity: while the father is the uncreated hypostasis, he, outside of time, begets the Son, and the Holy Sprit proceeds from the father and rests in the Son. The Father is the principle of creation, the Son its Logos, its reason and interconnectedness,…