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Good vs Evil in the Last of the Mohicans Essay

In “James Fennimore Cooper’s” novel The Last of the Mohicans, the characters Hawkeye and Magua, shows a perfect example of good versus evil. Their chance meeting in the wilderness brings the two men together and ultimately ends in a battle of wills. As in many novels, good sometimes wins over evil.

Hawkeye and Magua are alike in many ways. These two men are the main characters in the novel of “James Fennimore Cooper’s”. Hawkeye and Magua are considered heroes, good scouts, and excellent hunters. They both have special interested in the two sisters, Cora and Alice. They have earned respect from their own tribe.

In the novel of The Last of the Mohicans, Hawkeye is the main protagonist. He was adopted by the tribe and lives amongst the Indians. Hawkeye can never look Indian, since he comes from European blood, but he dresses, talks and respect the laws of the tribe. Hawkeye is a good man with lots of qualities.

In the other hand, Magua is a Chief in the Huron tribe. Magua’s nature is the complete opposite of those in the Mohicans’s tribe. He is a villain because the pain he suffered from the loss of his family in the hands of the Europeans. Magua dies in the end of the novel by the hand of Chingachgook, the adoptive father of Hawkeye.

In conclusion, these two characters represent the good versus evil in the novel The Last of the Mohicans. It shows again the tremendous differences between right and wrong. Hawkeye and Magua, two different characters represent a perfect example of good hero and a deprivable villain.

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