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Good teacher Essay

If I were to describe one of my teachers that I have had throughout these years, the one who I considered a good teacher is my present English teacher. The reasons why I would like to characterize my English teacher are various. Firstly, she’s well to take responsibility. She came to teach punctually. Especially, she always keeps in touch with us to try hard to study by her homework for every day. She speaks English fluently, and her voice is so loud that can make students in the class easy to listen.

Actually, when we tired, she always tells jokes that always keep us smiling. Secondly, she’s been teaching for long time, so she’s got many experiences. I like the way she pronounce clearly. Moreover, I could say she is a good explainer but she also gives her best in order to help students to improve their knowledge in English. She likes to correct us each time we make mistakes both in pronunciation and grammar. Thirdly, she’s a work hard teacher.

She always do a research more new documents for the students to easy to get understand. And she also got some music lyrics, puzzle, or any other to relax at the weekend or after exam. Sometimes, she looks strong-mined to make us to try hard to study but I know that inside she’s very kind, polite and honest. In conclusion, I can say that, her lectures are well organized, interesting and her methods of teaching us demonstrate the desirable teaching method for our use. I thought that I’m very lucky that I’ve met a very good teacher like her.

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