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Good Food Essay

My definition of good food is food that has positive effects on your body. Food that is filled with nutrients that help your body function like it’s supposed to. Good food is food that doesn’t help you gain weight but satisfied your hunger. But healthy food isn’t always delightful. Good food nourishes your body, gives you energy and strength to make your day easy going as possible. By eating healthy food you are preventing unnecessary fats, calories, or chemicals you don’t need. Healthy food helps your body gain the essential nutrients the body can’t make by itself.

Your body needs 13 vitamins to function properly and by eating healthy you gain the vitamins you need to help your body work efficiently. Healthy food also prevents many lifestyle diseases that can damage the body’s structures. Especially for kids, they are more likely to get sick, eating healthy helps their immune system fight off harmful germs. Food that tends to slow you down and make you sleepy and lazy isn’t good food at all. It’s a different story if you’re full. Most food that is labeled fast food isn’t good food at all.

Theirs enormous amounts of calories, tons of sugar, and most of the time it’s drenched with grease. Things like junk food, French fries, fried Twinkies, etc. , may taste delicious but are very unhealthy. And junk food only satisfies your hunger for a limited amount of time. By eating unhealthy you’re more likely to develop heart disease or even high blood pressure. And what makes junk food worst is that it can be addictive, and since it doesn’t completely fill your desires you are more likely to keep eating until you are full.

Many companies advertise unhealthy food all the time and many consumers usually go out of their way to go and get that product. No one is safe, junk food surrounds our everyday life, there are bulletins, posters, and many more that advertise many unhealthy foods. Most of the consumers are a step away from obesity. After smoking, obesity is the second largest result of deaths in the United States. Good food is healthy food, healthy food isn’t always delicious but with a few modifications it could be. Good food is food that nourishes your body when consumed, has positive effects.

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