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Good citizen? Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A good citizen

A good citizen is someone who cares for himself by being good to himself and for the country at the same time by casting vote during the time of election, being honest, law-abiding, paying tax regularly, thinking of common good, thinking of the society by leaving a common place clean and following the rules. Let us discuss the above mentioned points in detail to realise the responsibility of a good citizen. Being good to himself! One can be good to himself by being disciplined. Self-discipline is all about acting according to what your brain tells instead of acting accrding to how your heart feels. Often discipline is equated to loss of freedom, as it often involves sacrificing pleasure, for eg….

What is the responsibility of a good citizen?

As Americans we enjoy the benefits of our well ordered country with good roads, schooling for our children, and a government which, while not perfect, keeps everything running. Are we supposed to sit back and enjoy while others do the work? Of course that is an option, but it is not the stuff of a good citizen. So, how does a person act as a good citizen? A good citizen is involved in society because he or she believes in working to help others. This aid can take many forms. The most basic path is to follow laws, pay taxes to help the country continue, and stay informed about public needs and officials’ positions on these issues so the citizen…