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Goals Of Human Service Essay

A human service practitioner is a professional who acts as an agent to assist and or empower individuals, groups, families and communities to prevent, alleviate or better cope with crisis, change and stress to enable them to function more effectively in all areas of life and living. It must seem like that would be hard to earn a degree in a field that involves so much, right? GUESS WHAT?! It is not hard to earn a degree in Human Service nor is it a career that is difficult if you love helping others succeed and wish to improve society. The following brochure will walk you through what it takes to become an outstanding human service provider!

The goal of the human service professional is to enable people to live more satisfying, and more productive lives, through the utilization of society’s knowledge, resources, and technical innovations. Of course there are major characteristics that one must have to help reach these goals;

– Patience
– Understanding
– Strong work ethic
-Effective helpers are also sensitive to culture and religion – Able to work among and understand diversity
ABOVE ALL, A GREAT HUMAN SERVICE PROVIDER DEVOTES THEIR LIFE TO HELPING OTHERS! Major generic knowledge, skills and attitudes that appear to be required in all human service work. The training and preparation of the individual worker within this framework will change as a function of the work setting, the specific client population served, and the level of organization work. Understanding the nature of human systems: individual, group, organization, community and society, and their major interactions. Knowing the conditions which promote or limit optimal functioning and classes of deviations from desired functioning in the major human systems. Skill in identifying and selecting interventions which promote growth and goal attainment.

Because so many human services jobs involve direct contact with people who are impaired and therefore vulnerable to exploitation, employers try to be selective in hiring. Applicants are screened for appropriate personal qualifications.

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