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Goals and Expectations Essay Essay

I think I learn best with explanations of some material on the board or also with some pictures or drawings that help me understand what’s going on or how something is composed is really helpful to me. Two learning techniques that are efficient to me are just reading material a couple of times and memorizing important things. I believe memorization is also very useful to me. A learning technique I would like to acquire would probably be the technique of taking notes and actually finding taking notes useful. I have issues with taking notes because I get anxious or irritated whenever I try to summarize material for a test because I find it as a waste of time. I have the idea that I would use time more efficiently by just reading things and highlighting material rather than just writing it all over again.

The unit of study I feel most comfortable about is photosynthesis and animal ecology. I know how photosynthesis works and what processes it involves although I’m not familiar with more complex explanations about it. I know the basics. I know how animals are considered animals and how they interact with their environment. I’ve learned these two topics last year in biology class. The unit of study I consider to know least about are cells. I hope to further understand the process of cell division, their composition and structure. I’m most excited to learn about genetics because I find the role of DNA involved in this subject very interesting and I hope to further understand how both work together to form genetics.

I decided to take biology because I’m not good at physics at all and math has never been my strength. On the other side I’ve always been good in biology and I find it easier to learn and understand than physics. I believe I would define successful completion of this class if I finish the year with a good grade and good understanding of material learned during the year. I will achieve my definition of success by just giving my best and not giving up and always staying positive and strong. I don’t have any concerns involving the class.

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