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Glycerol Essay Topics & Paper Examples

WGU Biochemistry GRT1 Task 1 Lipids

Lipids are molecules that are not soluble in water but can be dissolved in non-polar substances such as alcohol or chloroform (Mandal, n.d.). Lipid molecules are stored in adipose, or fat tissue, and can be broken down in our bodies to form an energy called ATP. To do so, the lipid molecule is dissected into its base pieces, glycerol and fatty acids. Each of the fatty acids is then broken down into two-carbon pieces and acetyl CoA is formed from each carbon piece. Each acetyl CoA moleculeenters into a series of chemical reactions called the citric acid cycle and ultimately produces 12 ATP (Hudon-Miller, 2013). A comparison between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids: Saturated Unsaturated *Solid at room temperature *Animal…