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Global Societies Essay

Globalization aims to unite the world, and its rapid growth does not create any problems. This process is hindered by a lack of commitment to the ideology of globalization and the lack of a desire to form a global community. Globalization is not restricted to industrialization, modernization and bringing cheap goods into developing nations (Rich). The notion of globalization is often deemed to be synonymous with the process of Americanization. Subsequent to the Second World War and the end of the Cold War, the United States emerged as the sole superpower.

The concept of globalization was conceived and sustained by the United States. Under globalization, national interests are transformed into global interests and the concept of nationalist groups is extended. Globalization and its results are criticized by many, due to the greed of some nations that affects the overall performance of globalization (Rich). Similarly, the United Nations International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been exploited by some wealthy countries. The richest countries can influence these entities as they hold most of the controlling power in them.

The United States is one such country and it wields considerable power in international organizations (Rich). Thus, it is true to contend that Americanization has played a major role in the process of globalization. Unprecedented prosperity has been witnessed in the world, due to the twin effects of economic integration and technology. The progress of technological innovation has been outstanding, and with the advent of globalization, there has been a tremendous spurt in such change. The hindrances to international trade are being continuously removed, consequent to the process of market liberalization.

The latter process has resulted in enhanced competition, greater efficiency, reduction in costs, increased sophistication and specialization in technology, greater proliferation of technology and business paradigms, and a marked increase in innovativeness (Karagiannis and Witter). Globalization and the spread of information are the principal influencing factors in today’s world. Supporters of these forces claim that they do not provide immediate economic results. They accept that these avenues have significant effect on culture and social domains.Globalization created global consciousness throughout the world (Kluver).

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