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Global Case Study Analysis Essay

Conduct a SWOT analysis of S/M (4-6 bullet points in each category) Strengths: Awarding winning Longevity Ability to adapt Loyalty of employees Weaknesses: The foreign customers Loyal employees Opportunities: Walk in customer Small towns Threats: Competitors Shifting standards Shifting population Lost of credilcials 2. What types of information will Brooks need to collect before he can even begin to assess the New England market? Develop a series of questions you feel are critical to this assessment (3-5 questions).

Explain what would be learned from each question and how it will be used to start the assessment process. In addition what resources would you recommend for collecting the information? Before Brooks can properly assess the New England Market, he must first collect the geological, demographics 3. What selection criteria do you believe will be relevant to the assessment of any alternative markets? What preliminary market parameters are relevant to the evaluation of S/M’s global options? (bullet points are acceptable). For each selection criteria and market parameters you list, describe relevance to the overall assessment.

4. Assuming that S/M decides on the New England market, what information will be needed to implement an entry strategy (including but not limited to what areas need market research)? Describe in detail why the information is important and how it would be used. (bullet points or paragraph are acceptable) In general, explain the value of market research in the global community and key considerations that should be taken into account when conducting international research. (200-400 word paragraph). Be sure to identify the differences in domestic vs. international market research. 3 Global Market Research Case Study Analysis.

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