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Given names Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Review on ang lihim ng pamilya rizal

That documentary was quite intriguing especially the thing about Saturnina and her uncle Jose Maria.It got me thinking for an hour or two because if it was true it would be a disgrace to the family. The events links together; Saturnina got pregnant, her mother, Theodora took her on a long vacation and then they’ve returned with Soledad the baby that Theodora claimed to hers and Soledad was meztisa just like Jose Maria. Some questions run through my mind like how did that happen? Was it planned?does Theodora did not raised saturnina like the way she have raised rizal?.Another interesting issue is that the Alonzo family was a bastard because Theodora’s mother, Brigada Quintos was not a legal wife of…

Lamp at Noon & the Pursuit of Happyness

The film “The Pursuit of Hapyness” is in many ways very relatable to the short story “The Lamp at Noon”. The two are closely related as they before share similar overall themes. “The Pursuit of Hapyness” greatly demonstrates the themes of commitment to personal goals and the effects of adversity on the human spirit. This film follows the life of a man and his family as they struggle through everyday conflicts. These conflicts vary from trying to pay rent to getting food on the table for dinner. Chris Gardener, the protagonist in the film is eventually forced on the streets with his son Christopher while the mother, Linda, leaves to New York. Chris is faced with great conflict as he…