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Girls Essay Topics & Paper Examples

High School Girls

1. In my High School, the experience was somewhat different. In the article it says that the boys stared at the girls passing and rated the different parts of their body from one to ten. In my high school days, the boys striped us with their eyes and we felt that they can see inside our clothes. They also made lewd comments. 2. We felt harassed and humiliated and degraded as Rachel and her friends felt. It used to make me very angry but my friends never let me retort as these boys were ‘bad boys’. We were frightened of them. 3. We were taught in home as well in school to keep away from these kinds of boys. As…

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie is about a US teenager aged 13 named Steven who wants to be a drummer for the All-Star Jazz Band. He has a four year old brother named Jeffery and they live with their parents. Steven has a crush on Renee Albert, the hottest girl in school and the story has a good mix of the troubles that a teenager faces and the tragedy that comes all of sudden into their lives. All that Steven cares about in his life is drumming and the wonderful girl on whom he has a deep crush. One day, Jeffery comes home with a minor nosebleed but it turns out that he actually has cancer. The book reveals the…

Analysis of Transcript Between Piers Morgan and Cheryl Cole

The interview I have chosen to analyse is a television interview by Piers Morgan with Cheryl Cole. It took place in a studio in front of a live audience. The interview is to gain knowledge over Cheryl’s personal life, and Piers obviously has vivid background knowledge of her life along with some pre-prepared questions to ask. The main topic is a contestant who was in Cheryl’s group during the famous show ‘The X-Factor’ and we can tell this as Piers refers to her directly as the proper noun, ‘Gamu.’ As mentioned before, Piers had some questions ready to ask, but Cheryl’s responses are all spontaneous, which we can tell by her constant pauses which is a non-fluency feature and so…