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Ginger ale Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Onion Investigatory Project Proposal

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale): An Organic Fungicide Monique T. Bustamante Sherry Mae B. Mejia Christine Joy U. Sibayan Jerica Mae T. Vetonio Researchers Ms. Violeta Rafanan Adviser Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School Villasis, Pangasinan September 2012 ABSTRACT One of alarming problem that maybe encountered by our country next generations was the inadequate agricultural production, this all about the foods that is one of the primary needs of people. The increasing number of population here in the Philippines means more and more demands should be given/support. CHAPTER I A. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY There are a lot of new products that we can be benefited from ginger only through experimentation and investigation. We can use it as food seasoning…