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Gillette Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Gillette Case – Launch of Sensor

The introduction of the Sensor Shaving System, one of the biggest product launches ever, forced Gillette to reevaluate its strategy in its shaving and non-shaving business. It had to decide whether to go ahead with the launch and if so, at what scale. Gillette’s top management had to make very important decisions regarding the launch of its Sensor line. They are questioning, on which markets to focus their launch, how aggressive this launch should be and most importantly how much to invest in this new product launch. Product segmentation Their decision to proceed with Sensor as a cartridge system appears to be wise. This opinion is based on the following points: 1) As mentioned in the case (pg. 6) “Gillette had…


1. Statement of issues/problems/opportunities (10%): Very briefly describe the organisation‟s situation. Be sure to focus on the underlying issues / problems / opportunities and not symptoms. Do not just reiterate organisational facts. 2. Recommendations (40%): What should the organisation do? Provide a detailed description of the actions necessary for the organisation to deal with the identified problems and opportunities. Be specific enough that a organisation could pick up your recommendations and act on them. 3. Justifications and analysis (50-60%): Provide a set of carefully considered arguments for why your recommendations are likely to be effective. Perform any type of analysis you like on facts obtained in developing your justifications. You can also draw on logic and experiences from materials in…

Gillette Innovation

Gillette with over 70 percent market share in the wet shave market in both the US and Europe dominated the category. This dominance was born from a relentless pursuit of better shaving technology, a willingness to invest whatever was needed to manufacture its products effectively, and a formulaic, integrated marketing strategy. Gillette prided itself on its innovations in shaving technology and its ability to persuade consumers to trade up as new improved versions of existing razors were launched. In 1990, the Gillette Sensor represented a breakthrough in shaving systems technology with its twin blade cartridge. This product provided a platform for development of other members of the Sensor family, including Sensor for Women and the SensorExcel. It was believed that…

Quality at Gillette Argentina

Jorge Micozzi, President for Latin America of The Gillette Company, looked up from the report on Argentina’s Total Quality Management (TQM) program that was going to be delivered to the corporation’s quality council in early 1999. “As you can see from these business measures,” he told the casewriter, “our TQM program has been very successful. This has been my most important program and Victor Walker, program manager, was the key to its implementation.” Micozzi described the early days of the TQM program when, as general manager of the Argentine subsidiary of Gillette, he assigned Victor Walker as total quality manager, “When this program was launched, Victor helped us see how to implement it. This program has changed the company’s culture….

Supplier and Partnering Processes

For many businesses, goods and services provided by suppliers or partners account for a significant portion of the cost and value of the final product. Suppliers include not only companies that provide materials and components, but also distributors, transportation companies, and information, healthcare, and education providers. Key suppliers might provide unique design, technology, integration, or marketing capabilities that are not available within the business, and therefore can be critical to achieving such strategic objectives as lower costs, faster time-to-market, and improved quality. Organizational partners might include educational institutions that collaborate on research and training. (Conversely, a company might be viewed as a partner for an educational institution.) Increasingly, suppliers are viewed as partners with customers, because there usually is a…