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Gift Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A design of the promotional gift

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Jackie Lee, designer of a company. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to participate in this competition to introduce my promotional gift design. The goal of my presentation is to introduce my promotional gift design, silicone watch, which is for my company. Firstly, I will introduce my company background and the reason of why I have a qualification to participate of this competition. Next, I would like to talk about why my design can have the market value. Then, I would like to describe the feature and benefits of my design, and explain how do my design can promote my company business. Finally, I will have a question and answer. I would like…

Anthropology social relationships

Social relationships in most cultures and societies impact heavily on how a person perceives their world. People create their social world but are also shaped by it, and part of this social world is the social relationships that are formed between individuals. These relationships vary in kind from family and kinship to friendship. Kinship and family are types of relationships that have been widely studied in the attempt to study and understand a culture or society. And whilst these are important, relationships of friendship also play a large part in the way the individual’s personality is shaped and how they view their social world. Relationships of kinship or family ties are generally unavoidable and are formed through generations of families…