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Germination Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Allelopathy Lab

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this lab was to observe the effects of chemical warfare among plants. Plant seeds compete with other plants and seeds, for sunlight, and nutrients in order to germinate. In order to win dominance over other seeds, and reduce competition, plants produce and release a chemical in order to prevent other seeds from germination. This type of chemical warfare is referred to as allelopathy. Allelopathy exists in many parts of the plants such as leaves, roots, stems, or fruits, but not limited to just the plants. These toxic chemicals can also be found in the surrounding soil, to prevent other plants or seeds from absorbing proper nutrients to stimulate growth. Groups will test for the presence of…

Types of vegetable

Tomato Farms are by far the most popular vegetable in farms being grown in over 85% of them. There are many di‑fferent types including beefsteak, heirlooms, organic, cherry, paste, mid-size, early ripening and the list goes on. Besides,they also have high market value which will help us in my farm’s income. RM6.00/kg Tomato seeds should be started indoors for best germination results. Start the seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date for your location. Plant 1/4” deep using sterile soil. This helps prevent disease and other problems. The tomato seeds will germinate best if the soil is kept between 80 to 90 degrees. Water lightly and keep the soil consistently moist until germination occurs. When ready…