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Germans Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Before the Firing Squad

John Chioles, a professor of comparative literature, using many literary devices in his works. In Before the Firing Squad, Chioles becomes a master imagery. This literary technique involves the author using metaphors, allusions, descriptive words, and similes to create vivid images in the readers minds. Not only does this make a story more interesting and pleasant to read, it creates a sense that the reader is viewing, not reading, what is occurring. John Chioles uses imagery to represent the stark contrast between the German Ludwigs and Fritzs in Before the Firing Squad. The first instance of imagery utilized by Chioles occurs when he writes, “my knees turned to jelly, my pulse quickened” after he hears the sirens indicating the Ludwigs…

Case Study – Cooperating and Communicating Across Cultures

Cooperating and communicating across cultures are the key issues in this case study. Jim, an American employee, joined the German team well prepared with the knowledge of German culture and their language; however, he wasn’t expecting the length and details the meeting session went. He became increasingly impatient, and consequently lost the respect of his fellow team members by “hardly paying attention” to the process. The Germans used a three-day meeting as a way to lay the foundation for the structure of the entire product launch. By not understanding the importance of the initial meetings in the process, Jim never truly understood the way the team was working, that is by analyzing the problem, and addressing the issues then dividing…