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Geographical Segmentation Essay

In ancient Greek mythology , is said to live an athlete named Milon . Strength , determination in every fight is very inspiring . The name was later adapted into MILO , the energy to win every day . MILO is an energizing chocolate drink with a unique and delicious flavor that is preferred . Made from natural ingredients nutritious , rich in vitamins and minerals . In 1934, MILO launched first in Australia and then spread to different parts of the world . In Indonesia , MILO introduced in Indonesia 1974.Mewujudkan a healthier society is the mission of PT . Nestlé Indonesia. When in 2001 the government heavily campaigned INDONESIA CHAMPION , MILO was invited Indonesian children love and achievement in the field of sports . 2002 for the first time held MILO School Competition , young talent in the sport of badminton . Until now, the competition is held annually for children of primary and junior high school in Indonesia.

Geographical Segmentation :
• Region :
Generally people prefer to drink Milo throughout the year . But Nestle can segment the market on the basis of the season . Consumption of cold Milo down during the rainy season because people prefer to have a hot Milo . In hot regions consumption patterns have not changed much . • City :

Milo consumption more in the cities than in the villages due to various factors such as income and education levels . Nestleshould more focused on making available in the Milo wherepeople every willing and able to buy . Demographic Segmentation :

• Age :
Nestle can easily target different age groups . The most important of these groups are children and the elderly . For the kids can introduceMilo with additional nutrients such as vitamins and minerals . For older people it already has clinical nutrition . It just needs to get the product known among these people . • Gender :

It will be very beneficial for women because they usually target shopfor their families . If they believe that Milo would be good for their families
, they will buy . • Income and employment :
People will buy Milo when they have sufficient monetary resources . Nestle should target those at higher income groups.People with blue-collar jobs can be targeted by saying that Milo will help them in their daily routines . Life cycle stages can also be important for families with young kidswill want to buy Milo . Psychographic segmentation :

• Social class and lifestyle :
People belonging to the higher social classes tend to spend more on luxury than those in the lower classes . Such people can be easily targeted because they are very health conscious . Nestle can encourage people to buy Milo who lack rich foods . • Personality :

And outdoorsy people who are involved in sport can also be targeted by tagging the brand with a sports celebrity . Behavioral :
MILO is a brand which is famous for delicious and nutritious beverage products enjoyed by families from generation to generation , with a definite chocolate flavor . Favors drunk warm or cold with milk chocolate contains healthy for the body . And that definitely favored so many people in many countries including Indonesia .

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