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Geographical areas Essay

With the geographical areas the places in which they are made or grown are completely different. I say this because with Tesco their produce such as mangos and banana’s will come from countries such as tropical plantations such as central and South America and Africa. But the majority of where they will import their bananas are from Costa Rica. In most cases they source their product from abroad. Whereas with H&M they from places such as Bangladesh as their products do not need to be grown. With Tesco because their products are perishable With storage it is vital that both companies store their product with care. They are going to storeas a fridge as they do not have anything that will go off by the time it gets to England. Storage are different types of ways a company can store their products, and one of them is roll cages which Tesco will use as they do have more fragile products. Whereas with H&M they would use garment racks.products within the store as they change their products on a seasonal basis as they are clothes shop.Special shipment requirement

The special requirements that companies such as H&M need is flat packed in cartons, this is appropriate method for h and m as it will be read for them to hang out in their store quickly. This way there will bewhich consists of retailer and then it goes to the wholesalers but in some cases it could go straight to H&M. whereas with Tesco owever the multiple retailer will use RD

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