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Geodesy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Land Surveying EC4202 2013 Assignment One.

Task- We did a levelling circuit around Union Street, Harbour Terrace, Forth Street and St David Street. The aim was to level around from point A through to point D with one inverse shot to find the height of A Block. We levelled the route completely once but swapped around and adjusting and moving the staff and tri pod each time. We all had turns at booking, shooting and holding the staff. We adjusted the lenses of the Dumpy Level to suit everyone’s eye so we would be able to eliminate parallax error. We tried to keep our back site and fore site shots at equal distances although we were not able to on St David Street. By keeping our…

Mpenjati Physical Components

Abstract This study was conducted at the Mpenjati Estaury which is located in Port Shepstone and lies along the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of water which is either permanently or periodically open to the sea and within which there is measurable variation salinity due to the mixture of fresh water derived from land, however the fresh water inflow may not be perennial, the connection to the sea may be closed for part of the year and tidal influence may be negligible. The beach slope and the flow rate relatively depend on several factors but mainly the wave action and the sediment transportation, as these two factors controls the activities at the…