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Generations Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dubai’s heritage and culture for future generations

There has been a sufficient mention of a profound dearth of interest in preserving Dubai’s heritage and culture for future generations. The severity of Dubai’s cultural problems (both current and impending) is an overwhelming testament to the shortfalls of various cultural players. Dubai’s cultural scene is beset by issues ranging from funding to the non-existence of a governing agency on cultural arts and activities. The lack of funding allocation for Culture, Heritage and the Arts hampers government organizations from awarding prizes for artistic/literary achievements and awarding subsidies for the pursuit of the Arts. This phenomenon holds true for the Fine Arts and Literature although the UAE government has accorded ample financial support for Festivals like the Dubai Shopping Festival and…

Diversity in The Workplace

Diversity has several definitions. According to Schmidle (2010), workplace diversity is a people issue, focusing on the differences and similarities that people bring to an organization. It is usually defined broadly to include dimensions beyond those specified legally in equal opportunity and affirmative action non-discrimination statues. Diversity is often interpreted to include dimensions which influence the identities and perspective that people bring, such as profession, education, parental status and geographic location. If you think of diversity and all of the categories it can be a bit overwhelming. Schmidle did leave out several categories that include age, gender, income level, social status, political views, religion, and marital status. The word “diversity” has a kind of conflict ring to it but it…