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Generation X Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Generation X by Douglas Coupland

Generation X was Coupland’S controversial title which was derived from the work of Paul Fusell, category X in 1983. In his interview in 1995 Coupland explained that Fusell’s classification of X category were people who circulated in rounds of money, status and social climbing that describe the modern existence. But looking at the Coupland’s novel, it is very different from Fusell’s work. The people he is referring to as generation X are the people born after 1960. The whole novel rotates around the contemporary society issues: love intrigues, adventure, friendship among other themes (Reed). These themes are not new since they existed even in during the times of great philosophers. It is for this reason that I think Marx, Durkheim,…

Compare and contrast your way of life with that of your parents.

Compare and contrast your way of life with that of your parents. Which way life do you think would be more satisfying to future generation? Nowadays, people have been changed the way they live. To compare between my age and my parent, there are differences ideas in the job preferences and the success of life. Both of People who born in generation X and Y prefer to work with a reputation company than a small company, however, generation X people are likely to hop to many companies than generation Y. Obviously, people in my parents age are more loyal to the company than we are. This is because our parents are lacking of new information while, in our generation, there…

Case analysis on Gen Y in the workforce

After reading the case of “Gen Y in the Workforce” it can be understood that Generation Y in the workforce is interested to not just sticking to the regular schedule but also going beyond and thinking out of the box. In the case Josh had some new and fresh ideas to promote the Triple-F movie, which was appreciated by the CEO. As talked about the Generation Y, the Millennial are tech-savvy, smart and wants faster results and recognition. All these qualities can be very well seen in Josh with several instances like; he is always busy with his Iphone, his ideas regarding promoting the movies and the way he wants faster results from his work and recognition for which he…