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Generation Gap Essay

Generation gap can be defined as an opposed division between younger people and older ones. It can be perceived in cultural as well as political fields of society nowadays. Nevertheless, the differences may begin to be bridged in diverse ways within those main fields. On one hand, the existence of clear contrasts between generations as language, fashion and art values may be easily appreciated in the Media, even the streets with graffiti and all kind of artistic works.

What are well known among youngsters are the wide variety of codes they are able to create and manage, like the linguistic codes; the clothes they choose to design and wear and even the music they play and listen to, which are changing constantly in order to make adult people feel away from their own matters. In addition, it seems that revolution is an irreplaceable subject kept alive by young people exclusively.

What they think is that their ideas are the best ones for he World’s welfare, especially in the political and social fields. On the other hand, this distance between generations has existed since Ancient times when the elder people ruled all the societies and they were respected and even worshipped in several cases like the Greek and Romans civilizations. It seems that at present times, old people are sent to places of retirement and it may difficult and in the worst situation, impossible to participate in society decisions at all.

Nevertheless, what Globalization cannot change nowadays are values. They have never been altered like love, solidarity, wisdom and common sense and they would be thought as bridges between distant generations. In conclusion, the generation gap may produce some misunderstandings in numerous senses whereas it will exist as part of evolution of human beings. However, it would seem to be a challenge to create new bridges to connect both sides through common cultural and political devices.

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