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General Intrest Essay

The Unit Three project—an opportunity to inform your audience about a group you belong to—consists of three parts: 1) cover letter addressed to me that discusses your writing, revision, and reflection processes during the entire third unit and while writing your essay, 2) general interest essay aimed at a general reader (or layperson), in which you will research and report on a group that you belong to, and 3) all Unit Three materials. You are part of a large culture (the study of cultures is called ethnography, and studying your culture is called auto-ethnography), and you are part of sub-cultures (interest, activity, academic, and so on).

Think of this project as a way to communicate one of your passions and creatively advertise your group to a general audience. Consider these questions: What is interesting about your group? Why do you belong to your group? What makes your group cohesive (language, rituals, traditions, shared goals, etc.)? How do your interests, beliefs, and ideas affect your writing? How do your interests manifest themselves in your writing? What do you write about? Remember that this project reflects you and your best efforts: be thorough, thoughtful, and creative.

Your general interest essay will:

• Be 4-5 pages in length • Follow MLA formatting guidelines (see Everyday Writer, pg 403) • Incorporate at least two pieces of evidence or research, with at least one source from BSU’s Albertsons Library • Include a works cited page

• Show control of structure, organization, and logical flow of topic/ideas • Demonstrate audience awareness and other rhetorical choices that are appropriate for your genre and purpose • Use specific details

In addition to your general interest essay, you will also need to include: ❖ Cover letter addressed to me:

• Attach your cover letter to the front of your essay • 1-2 typed pages, single-spaced • Explain your revision process, what you were thinking as you edited and revised • Challenges you faced in this unit as a whole or in individual pieces • Any discoveries you made as you explored your group • Response/Reflections to the entire unit (what worked, seemed difficult, particular assignments you enjoyed, etc.) ❖ All materials associated with this unit (including, but not limited to: in-class writing, writing assignments, Writing Explorations, drafts, Writing Workshop feedback, and any other supporting materials)

Your Unit Three project is due Friday, October 26, 2007 at the beginning of class.

Essay Topics:

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