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Gender Inequality in the Neolithic Era and Gender Equality in the Paleolithic Era Essay

Throughout history women have not always been treated with equality, this inequality is also shown in prehistory. The Paleolithic and Neolithic eras contrast when it comes to gender inequality or gender equality. In Paleolithic times, Women easily had a greater amount of equality and not so much of that equality in Neolithic times. In Paleolithic times, women were the ones who invented and began the use of farming and agriculture, without this great source of food, humans may have not been able to settle as easily, and the Neolithic times would have never began. The men and women had equally important jobs in their groups or tribes, for this, they were able to survive. In the Neolithic times, women had a much lesser role, and less of a say when it came to leadership.

This particular law in The Code of Hammurabi showcases the inequality of genders in Neolithic times “110. If a sister of god open a tavern, or enter a tavern to drink,then shall this woman be burned to death” Such a small act of disobedience by a woman in the Neolithic era left a big punishment. This law gives proof that if a man were to do the same thing, he would not be punished as harshly (or even at all) as a woman would be in this era. In Paleolithic times, equality was shown between genders and to counteract this, in Neolithic times, inequality was shown between genders. Women began to lose less of their leadership or power that they shared with the men in the Paleolithic times.

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