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Gen Y in the Workforce Case Study Analysis Essay

In Gen Y in the Workforce, the topic or theme would be Generation X versus Generation Y. Generation X is more self reliant, independent and technological adept, where as Generation Y is optimistic, determined, confident, and eager. Key Issues

In Gen Y in the Workforce, we saw that Sarah did not give her employee Josh any real feedback. Was it because she expected more from him, or was it because she thought it would be considered babysitting. Like many Generation Yers, Josh wants to know that his work is meaningful and have input into big decisions. He also needs constructive feedback about his suggestions. Since Sarah was not giving him the feedback he thought he would get he bypassed her and went to the CEO Sam Smithstone.

The CEO was very pleased and was looking forward to seeing what his ideas were in the meeting. Josh’s ideas were good ones but he wasn’t giving enough details to support and show that he was serious. Sarah is more “old school” and Josh is more “new school”. Sarah Bennett believes in putting in your time before expecting recognition and promotions while, Josh Lewis is in a hurry to see his ideas implemented and get into a more senior position at Rising Entertainment.

Facts Throughout the case, it seems like Sarah was dismissing Josh’s ideas. When he spoke with her in the office she simply said “All great points but our budget is soft right now”. Sarah and Josh lack communication. In Josh’s mind technology is a better way to communicate with people. Instead of going to Sarah to talk about what is bothering him he goes to his coworkers. Josh felt that Sarah did not understand him or his ideas. He felt as if “Sarah just didn’t get it”.

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