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Gear Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The History and Evolution of Personnel Protective Gear

Fire fighting is one of the most important jobs in the world because the threat of fire to the society is real and present everytime. Fire fighters are needed in different fields and in different locations – fire fighting in the city inside residential and business districts, fire fighting in forests and woodlands and even fire fighting on seas when ships and sea vehicles catch fire. The threat to the place that is burning is as important as the threat to the life of the fire fighters who are battling fires. Because of that, it is important that fire fighters are equipped not just with equipment that can help them put out the fire, but also with equipment that can…

Beck Manufacturing

Capacity is the measure of an organization’s ability to provide customers with the demanded services or goods in the amount requested and in a timely manner (Vonderembse & White, 2013). Beck Manufacturing requires assistance with determining capacity of each of their systems and how the capacity can be increased. Beck has four departments including milling, grinding, boring and drilling and each department is essential in producing steering gears. A manufactured product is often an assembly of multiple parts (Obi, 2010). There are several machines within each department that work to produce a piece of the gear. The president of Beck Manufacturing, Al Beck has provided the information necessary to conduct the capacity analysis. The table below explains the capacity per…