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Garden Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Agatha Christie, whose prolific output and its attendant commercial success has earned herself unchallenged fame as the Queen of Crime, is far less than a champion as the progenitor of crime in fiction and much more the repeat offender of fiction crime. Those who would deny the validity of the latter claim probably don’t realize that much of Christie’s repute is staked on the aforementioned commercial success and prolificity and not from any close critical reading or any widely disseminated comprehension of her work’s cultural significance (positive, negative or otherwise). In How Does Your Garden Grow, Agatha Christie engages in another exercise of shallow characterization and orientalization which serves to further justify criticisms of her literary talent. Granted, How Does…

Field Trip to the National Botanical Garden

Our first Botany field trip to the National Botanical Garden was filled with both captivating views and significant information of plant life. Although I was born and raised on Kaua’i, visiting there was a first time experience for me. It was definitely an awesome opportunity not only because of the free admission, but also to be able to learn about the native and tropical beauty in Hawaii. We started the morning with delicious malasadas (brain food), and then proceeded to the entrance of the Botanical Research Center. Juliet Rice Wichman funded the Botanical Research Center. The building was the first on Kaua’i to be LEED certified as a “gold” rated building. In other words, it was built tough enough to…

A Garden Lover in my family

It gives me immense pleasure to talk about a garden lover in my family. As we all know gardening is a creative activity in which nature is made to order. Garden provides inexhaustible sources for paintings and poems all over the world and it is a home for many species of birds and flies which lend charm to the verdant looks of the garden. The heartening sounds of birds distract us from the monotonous regimen of our daily lives. My father is a garden lover. He devotes his leisure time in gardening. I think it is natural in human that he likes gardens. After all the first man Adam and first woman hawa ever lived in the garden of Eden….