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Gain access to the hoes of individuals Essay

Gain access to the hoes of individuals, deal with emergencies and ensure security on departure (HSC 2019) Be able to deal with emergencies encountered after gaining entry

4.1 Describe emergencies that may be encountered when gaining entry to an individual’s home

Gaining entry into an individual’s home can be challenging. Permission is needed except in cases where imminent harm is suspected. It is important to reassure the individual that you are there to assess for health problems and the need for services. Stress your desire to keep the older adult safe and functioning in the community. If you suspect abuse or neglect, be forthright about the issue. Many older adults will feel a sense of relief rather than anger. On some occasions, joint visits with home care staff or police may be necessary. Building managers, family, and friends can assist with gaining access to the home. Attention to personal safety is paramount. If the individual has a history of violence or aggression, police presence should be requested.

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