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GA AEMT Drug Cards Essay

ACTION: Reverses Hypoxia, Increases arterial oxygen, Increases hemoglobin saturation, Increases tissue oxygenation Indications: Hypoxia or anticipated hypoxia, or in any medical or trauma patient to improve respiratory efficiency.

Contraindications: There are no contraindications to oxygen therapy. Dose: Route: Oral DOSAGE: Adult: 1-6 LPM via NC; 10-15 LPM via NRB; 15 LPM via BVM Pediatric: 1-6 LPM via NC; 10-15 LPM via NRB; 15 LPM via BVM

Common side effects:
Dry or bloody nose, skin irritation from the nasal cannula or face mask

Precautions/major interactions:
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and very
prolonged administration of high concentrations in the

Drug: Oral Glucose
Generic Glutose, Insta-Glucose
Class of medication: Monosaccharide
ACTION: After absorption from GI tract, glucose is distributed in the tissues and provides a prompt increase in circulating blood sugar Onset: 10 min
Indications: Patients with altered mental status and known history of diabetes mellitus

Unconsciousness; known diabetic who has not taken insulin for days; patient who is unable to swallow Dose: Route: Oral DOSAGE/ROUTE:Adult: One tube or packet; repeat based on BGL

Pediatric: One tube or packet; repeat based on BGL – minimum age 3 yrs Common side effects:
Nausea, may be aspirated by the patient without a gag reflex

Precautions/major interactions
Assure patient has control of swallowing and airway.

Drug: Glucagon
Generic: GlucaGen
Class of medication: Hormone, antihypoglycemic
ACTION: Glucagon is a protein secreted by pancreatic cells that causes a breakdown of stored glycogen into glucose and inhibits the synthesis of glycogen from glucose. Indications:
Hypoglycemia without IV access.
Hypersensitivity to glucagon or protein compounds.
Dose: Route: Intramuscular Adult:1-2mg IM, repeat in 15 minutes if BGL

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