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Futures Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Futures goals and how to attain them

We are in a cutthroat, competitive time and to survive in business requires efficient top-north customers service and satisfaction. To be creative and innovative in our thinking and to offer coupons and bonuses for quality purchase and whatever it takes. In order to achieve this, staying one step ahead of the competition and being able to foresee changes are important goals in an oil company just as in the other businesses. Hard work and attentiveness and keeping close contact with the customers, are what I tend to achieve in our oil company (Ryan & Gail, 2006). These goals cannot, however be achieved without having a proper business plan. A business plan is a vital part of monitoring cash position. Keeping…

Stock option case study

Congratulations, your firm has just won a new engagement for the December 31, 2012 audit of Stock It (the Company). You are the lead senior on the engagement and thus were delegated the task of auditing the client’s equity balances. In review, you noted that the client has a significant amount of stock options issued to their employees, a means that many start-up companies use to compensate employees and entice them to put in the effort to make the company successful. Stock It acquired Options R Us on December 28, 2011 and merged Options R Us into their operations. When examining the stock option details, you noted that Options R Us had a stock option plan, the ORU 2007 Plan,…

J&L and Hedging

J&L Railroad should take a long position. They need to purchase diesel fuel in the future, they don’t produce diesel fuel, so they would want to take a future to be able to lock in the price of diesel fuel for future purchases. 2. What problems could the use of heating oil futures for hedging create for J&L? Note: I assume this question is asking about heating oil specifically not futures in general. As heating oil is not the same product as diesel fuel, therefore there could still be some exposure (risk) for J&L. There has been a historical correlation between heating oil prices and diesel fuel prices, but this might not be true for the future. The futures for…