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Fungus Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Fungi Study Guide

Q: How do fungi absorb their food? A: Through the mycelium, a thick mass of tangled hyphae that provides a large surface area for the food source to come in contact with. Q: Are fungi photosynthetic? A: No, fungi are heterotrophic. Q: What is a fruiting body? A: A reproductive structure growing from the mycelium in the soil beneath it. An example of a fruiting body is a mushroom. Q: What is lichen? A: Symbiotic associations between a fungus and a photosynthetic organism. An example of lichen is shelf fungi. Q: What is mycorrhizae? A: A mutualistic association of plant roots and fungi. An example of mycorrhizae is a Douglas Fir tree. Q: What is yeast? A: Unicellular fungi that…