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Functioning Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mental functioning

The mind and brain cannot be separated, they exist interdependently and together they function to bring about cognitive processes which men cannot live without. The mind-brain question has been around for ages, and at one point, the mind was the seat of consciousness and the brain was nothing more than a physiological entity. Then philosophers argued that the brain is physically present and has been the agent responsible for human behavior including the mind, while the later psychologists said that the brain control all human behavior, there is no such thing as the mind (Beloff, 1994). Numerous researchers have sought to prove and argue the different perspectives about the mind-brain question, and each perspective had for some time enjoyed a…

Italian or German

In this paper, I was interested in exploring whether or not bilingual children were more likely to have delayed language development compared to their monolingual peers. I looked at several resources that each focused on a different aspect of language development. All the information came from noted experts in the field of child development, although the types of resources differed. I began with an article that sorted through much of the existing data on bilingualism in order to create a foundation for the subject. Then I looked at additional readings to see whether or not they supported the information from that source. The first article, by Ellen Bialystok, is itself a review of existing literature and studies regarding the acquisition…