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Functional Skills – Literacy Letter Writing Essay

I belong to a group called ‘Community Concern’. We as a group provide volunteers for community projects.

I have recently seen the advert in the local paper about the old bus station being redeveloped and our group have all decided that we would like to volunteer to clean up the area before the work starts

We have a lot of our own equipment, and we do supply things for this such as;
Gardening equipment;
• Shovels
• Lawn movers
• Chainsaws
• Rakes
• Garden Forks
• Hedge trimmers and
• Leaf blowers

General equipment;
• Buckets
• Yard brushes
• Paint
• Litter Pickers
• Gloves

However, although we do provide this equipment there is on vital thing that we may need from the local council and that is a skip to put all the waste materials into once we’re done with it. I feel that this would be something we could discuss at a later time.

Our group Community Concern are committed to improving the appearance of the local area and we feel that this project will strengthen the community and maybe even bring new people into the local area. Our Volunteers take pride in the work that they complete and are an asset to the group. They have completed a number of renovation projects over the years, the most recent being the re-decoration of the leisure centre a few weeks ago.

I would like to thank you from all of us at Community Concern for taking the time to read this letter. And will leave you with our contact number in the hope that it would be possible to set up a meeting to discuss all the issues I have brought up today and hopefully to finalise some details and start planning the work!

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