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Functional requirement Essay

1. Physician Users Authorized

The system will allow authorized login input
The system will allow physician order medicine
* System will allow physician search for medicine

2. Search

The system navigates to correct patient.
The system will allow search the medicine in ABC’s order
The system will allow verification of doses based on age & weight
The system check for allergies & contra-indications
The system check medicine in stock
The system send over to pharmacy

3. Pharmacist

The system alert the pharmacy with medicine order
The system will allows approval from Pharmacist for revaluates the order within allergy guideline *
The system allows approval from Pharmacist to send order to tech for processing
The system allow approval from Pharmacist for correct process Of the tech
System send the order to the nurse for administer the drugs.

4. Nurse

The system allow nurse to verifies the order
The system allow nurse locate patient’s ID
The system allow nurse to document the medicine
The system allow nurse to add witness if necessary
The system allow nurse to document the waste
The system allow nurse to document patient’s reaction

Nonfunctional Requirement

1. Operational

The system should integrate with the pharmacy system
The system should work any web browser
The system should allow the verification for incorrect doses
The system should check incorrect allergy & contra-indications of drugs
The system enable for alternative options if medicine is out of stock
The system enables the automatically order for medicine out of stock
The system should allow disapproval or approval for pharmacist verify incorrect doses and not meet allergy guideline to be send back to physician

2. Performance

The system should not exceed 2 seconds
The system should be available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
Download speeds will be monitor and kept at an acceptable level.

3. Security

Only authorized users are allow to use the system
Patients information should be secure
Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc should protect the system.
The system should automatically exit when there is inactivity

4. Cultural and Political

Personal information is protected in compliance with HIPPA

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