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Frustration Essay Topics & Paper Examples

What the World Really Needs

Have you ever experienced the frustrating moment when you were at a restaurant and needed the waiter to ask for a refill or the check and you had to wait ten minutes before he or she actually came? That frustration will all end with the No Wait Waiter. It will work so easily that when you press the button the waiter will come as soon as possible. People will benefit from this because when you press the No Wait Waiter your waiter will be notified and come to your assistance without you blood pressure going up. The No Wait Waiter will be a little button at both sides of the table and when you press it your waiter will receive…

A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino

”Bitoy Camacho, an old friend of the Marasigans, pays them a visit one afternoon after many years of absence. He is greeted by the two daughters of Lorenzo Marasigan, a famous painter, who in his declining years has been living in isolation and abject poverty. Recently, he finished his latest and perhaps last major work of art, a painting he entitled Portrait of the Artist as Filipino. The sisters Paula and Candida welcome Bitoy. They reminisce about the past and the good old days. Tony Javier, a young musician renting a room in the house, comes home from work and is surprised. Tony confides to Bitoy his frustrated efforts in convincing the sisters to sell the painting to an American…

On the Sidewalk Bleeding Monuloge

All I feel is the excruciating pain entering my aching body. The irritation and agony makes me feel defenceless. I have a multitude of varied thoughts racing through my confused mind. As I am helplessly laying on the cold, wet concrete, with the rain drilling down on me, I am thinking if this is how I am going to die, my life over at the age of just 16. I can think back and faintly remember someone saying, “that’s for you royal!” and just thinking to myself, if I was not wearing this stupid jacket that I once thought was so important, I perchance wouldn’t have even been in this discomforting situation. All I can do at this point is…