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Friedrich Fröbel Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Froebel’s Kindergarten

Running head: FRIEDRICH FROEBEL RESEARCH ESSAY 2 fullest extent. Who is Friedrich Froebel? What did he do to become so memorable? He created the Froebel’s Gifts. What are Froebel’s Gifts? How has Froebel influenced today’s children? In the town called Oberweibach located in Germany is where a man named Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel was born on April 21, 1782 (Manning, J. P. , 2005. p. 371). Nine months after Froebel was born his mother fell ill and passed away (Friedrich Froebel Biography, 1999). His father Johann Jacob Froebel was a Lutheran pastor. He remarried when Froebel was 4 – years – old. Froebel’s stepmother did not care for him and his father was too busy for him. This resulted in…