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Freud Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Freuds theories of the unconsious and free association

Freud believed that the broad spectrum of human behaviour is explained by mental processes or states which determine it. These may not be totally obvious in the conscious state of mind. Thus Freud insists on seeking an explanation of any kind of neurotic behaviour, by searching for causes in terms of mental state of the individual. He puts the implemetation of any decision to a choice that is overned by hidden mental processes, which the individual is unaware of and thus has no control over it. An unconscious mental state is thus a reality and according to Freud, principle of causality requires that such mental states should exist, as often a conscious mind cannot perform such a neurotic or abnormal…

Dream Interpretation (Jung vs. Freud)

There is indeed a point where Freud and Jung would agree and disagree as to the interpretation of the particular dream. For Freud dreams is a conscious expression of our fantasies or wishes that is not available when one is awake. It means that for Freud, dreams are meaningful. On the other hand, Jung thinks the reverse of what Freud believed. He considers dreams as expression of the unconscious psychic process. However, obviously they both believed that the images in dreams have a meaning and values of its own for the dreamer. For Freud, the dreamer images are perhaps representing the dreamer’s early childhood wishes or those that one longs for long times but have never have it. Thus, he…