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French and English Revolutions Essay

Honesty is very important in any friendship relationship or marriage. There are many reasons that honesty is important in all of those such as keeping your friends believing your friends trusting your friends and keeping a good friendship. There will be reasons about why all of those are important in honesty friendships.

Keeping your friends is done by being honest and not lying. You keep your friends by not lying to them. No one wants to be friends with someone that lies to them. Lying is wrong and if you’re in a true friend ship you won’t lie. That’s how you keep your friends with honesty and not lying.

In a friendship believing your friend is very good if you know that they are honest and good people. If you have an honest friend you will believe them when they say something. If your friend isn’t honest then they aren’t a true friend. True friends never lie to their friends and should be believed when they say something. That’s why it’s important to believe your true friends.

Trusting your friends will make it so they want to be honest to you and not lie. Trust always is good in a friendship and will keep the friendship together. if you don’t trust your friend there not good friends. If you don’t trust your friend they also won’t want to be your friend and that will make you lie to them and they will lie to you. That’s where trusting your friends plays a big role in honesty.

Those are some of the reasons why honesty is good in a friend ship those reasons will help a lot in keeping a friendship and have it as a good solid friend ship. That’s why honesty is great.

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