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Freezing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Freezing Point Depression Determination

This paper is a full determination for certain chemicals and their boiling points. It lists some already but given the atomic numbers of any material this project includes a conversion and calculation chart to find the freezing point of most any material. GOOD LUCK! Abstract: In this lab we determined the freezing point, and Kf, of pure 2,4,dichloralbenzne as well as a 2,4,dichloralbenzne/biphenyl solution. We used this information to determine the molar mass of an unknown (#24) by the 3rd step in the experiment which was a 2,4,dichloralbenzne/unknown solution. All of the above we charted the time temperature for the later calculations. I. Introduction A. Background This experiment shows how one determines the temperature-composition diagram for a two-component system. The…