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Freeman Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Freeman Response Paper

The relationships in rural family of New England in the 19th century were completely different from those viewed in contemporary American families. Numerous literary works relate to the issues of family relations at the time; Mary Wilkins Freeman’s story “The Revolt of ‘Mother’” (1891) is a bright representation of the then family and community relations. What surprised me the most was the striking contradiction of the two aspects of family relationships between the spouses: on the one hand, by calling each other “Mother” and “Father” Sarah and Adoniram Penn displayed their respect towards each other. On the other hand, the husband’s respect towards his wife was limited by the word “Mother”. In everything else he never relied on a woman….

Biblical allusion

The Stranger, Shawshank Redemption & Existentialism The philosophy of Existentialism described in The Stranger by Albert Camus, and Shawkshank Redemption by Stephen King and Frank Darabont.What is unique about these two stories is the fact that the veiwer can view Existentialism in the lives of two men who are opposite in personality, yet do similar actions. Even though there are many varietes of existentialism can be categorized into six major themes: existence before essence, reason is impotent to deal with the depths of human life, alienation or estrangement, fear and trembling anxiety, the encounter with nothingness, and freedom. Both stories contain much of this “existence before essence” which in simple terms means “we gotta live we can’t just is.” Like…