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Freedom to Comment Reflection Essay

People are pressured to conform with the decisions within the group because if we do not we create tension, which is socially unacceptable. It happens all the time, and most of the time keeps quiet so we do not make waves. It’s all about social acceptance and associations that we have an innate need for relationships and we fear the loss of those connections when we oppose the group – which could be on micro level (as small as complying with household/workplace rules). When I worked for this Greek restaurant us the waitress’s had issues of ethical dilemmas all the time with our boss. He had no respect for women and showed this all the time by offering all of us, at different times, if we would do sexual favors for him for exchange of new apartments, and offering to buy new cars, and cash every week besides our paychecks.

As a group we got together to discuss what we should do if anything, and in this case we all needed our jobs to support our families. We could not just up and quit our jobs. Most of the group decided not to do anything, or say anything to anyone. Myself and one other decided to tell him no, and report him to the owner, and the next day we were fired from our jobs, and mailed our checks. For me to go against the group I lost my job, but my moral and ethic values would not let me remain at the job with that kind of treatment going on.

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