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Frederick C Hamilton Essay

The architectural sculptured layout of the Fredrick C Hamilton building is on display at Denver Art Museum. The actual building, named after the CEO of the Petroleum company is near completion. Frederick C Hamilton post modern style designed building is a dome, shell shaped architect, comparable to the Sydney Opera House. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Architecture) The outside Hamilton building structure is designed using patterns from the expressionism art era. The post modern design is very simplistic, without many intricate details.

Anyone viewing the attractive building would be curiously drawn to the building. The Frederick C Hamilton building serves as the main entrance to popular culture and art areas. It is the only dome shaped building in the area, surrounded by buildings with pattern designs from the Renaissance and Romantic art eras. Once inside the building, the person feels transported in totally different planet. The glass ceilings, and skylights allows the sun to shine through, into the building.

The creative designed structures portrays a very pleasant atmosphere to everyone entering it. (http://www. designbuild-network. com/projects/dam/) The designer of this coned, alien shaped 350,000 sq ft building is Daniel Libeskined, whom also designed the World Trade Center after the attack. The Frederick C Hamilton building will hold nearly one thousand parking spaces. The construction materials used for the building are titanium, steel, and concrete. The creativity behind the amazing designs centering around romantic style buildings requires real genius imagination.

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