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Fraternities Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Why Fraternities and Sororities are Beneficial to Universities

Starting college is an exciting time for students. The college environment is new and unfamiliar. College presents an opportunity to try new things, make new friends and learns new skills. New opportunities lead to increased independence and confidence. Fraternities and sororities offer students a supportive network of friends and mentors throughout the college years. Adjusting to college with the assistance and support of others encourage students to get involved and learn new skills in and outside of the classroom. Sororities and Fraternities offer students the opportunity to learn about the process and structure of a large organization. In college sororities and fraternities, where every single member is an important part of the “family”, everyone has an opportunity to participate. In…

Fraternities/Sororities and Military

Judging from the perspective of some people, “frats” are mere drunks and all they do is disturb the peace of the community. To a vast number of people, fraternity is an organization that undermines order in the society and encourages unseriousness in students. Some rather conservative parents never want to hear of their children belonging to any fraternity or sorority as they believe it is a waste of time and that it will distract their children. The question to ask here is if these assertions or claims are right? What is the meaning and aim of fraternities or sororities? Do they really achieve these aims? Fraternities or sororities are social and charitable organizations that are established by a group of…

Salamanders: A Night at the Phi Delta House

In 1982, George Hornbein and Ken Thigpen produced a nauseating and repulsive documentary. It is based on an annual tradition that a college fraternity upholds, consistently, every year at Penn State University. This tradition is that of eating salamanders. Yes, salamanders. Live amphibians dunked in beer and swallowed whole. This tradition has evolved over time and has become a competition between sex and gender. Consistently, each spring the Phi Delta Theta brothers of Penn State University seize salamanders from their confined ponds. The fraternity then puts them on display in their basement. They use temporary and blowup pools and use them as a centerpiece for their party. Their party, like many, consisted of barbeques, drinking competitions, and the infamous salamander…