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Francisco Pizarro Essay

Francisco Pizarro was born in 1474 in Trujillo, Spain. In 1502 he arrived in the Spanish colony of Hispaniola where he later joined the expedition to settle Panama in 1519. I can say that Pizarro’s victory over the Incas is considered to be the most shocking and the most incredible military accomplishments in history. Pizarro wanted to be famous, so he thought it would be great to conquer the great Inca Empire. His own personal goals were to become wealth and to be known as great.

This time, he intended to conquer the Incas just as Hernando Cortez had crushed Mexico’s Aztecs–and he couldn’t have picked a better time. In 1525, Pizarro and two ships set sail for Peru. He returned to Panama, where he lived, with gold, llamas, and Indians. In 1528, Francisco Pizarro returned to Spain to get permission from Charles V, king of Spain, to conquer Peru for Spain. Charles supplied him with funds for the expedition. Pizarro returned to Panama and organized the expedition. He had a tiny army of 100 foot soldiers and some 60 cavalry.

In 1530 he reached Peru and went to inland in Andes, to in town where the Inca ruler, Atahualpa, was staying. However, Atahualpa was in a civil conflict with his half-brother, Huascar and he had just recently won the war against his brother when Pizarro arrived, and the empire was still unstable. Pizarro ambushed the ruler, forced him to collect an enormous payment, and then executed him. Although the Incas mounted significant resistance to Pizarro, they were soon broken. Soon, by November 1533 the conquistadores were in control of Cuzco, the Inca capital.

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