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Fort Santiago Visitation Essay

Last October 26, 2012, the day me and my group mates visited the Fort Santiago located at Intramuros, Manila. This place is known where Dr. Jose Rizal was detained during his period of trial. But we didn’t know what the history behind Fort Santiago is before it served as a jail for Dr. Jose Rizal. That is why we chose this historical landmark to serve as our co-curricular activity and since no one of us haven’t been there.

Upon entering the entrance of Fort Santiago, there is an entrance fee that cost P50 (student rate), after entering we signed an agreement about taking pictures for our activity. During our trip to the house wherein Dr. Jose Rizal was detained, you can see the bronze foot prints on the floor, this is said to believe that, it is the path where Rizal walk from the house to the bagumbayan before he was shot. There is also the collection of his memorabilia’s like his clothes, the lantern, pens, hat, and many more. After trekking the house, we reached the outer part of the house wherein we discovered that the house where Rizal was detained was situated beside Pasig River. There also some locked place that is still in progress of restoring the latter part of Fort Santiago.

After this visitation, we could say to ourselves that we have travelled back in the history and learn the importance of this co-curricular activity especially for us who are first timers visiting the Fort Santiago. We could recommend this historical landmark to our friends and let themselves visit and travel to back to a great history of Philippines.

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