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Forensic science Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Becoming a Crime Scene Technician

Ever since I was a little girl I always thought about what I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to be a doctor or a veterinarian just like most children wanted to be. As I grew up and matured I started thinking about what occupations really interested me. At first I thought about something regarding sports or possibly something involving mental health. I was all over the place until senior year. I finally decided I wanted to work on crime scenes and specifically a forensic science technician. However, before I decided that this is what I wanted to do, I needed to know information regarding being a forensic science technician. I need to know exactly what a…

Final Assignment: Case Study

1. What were the main challenges facing investigators who were collecting evidence in the case? Give specific examples of these challenges. There were several challenges that faced investigators, but the root of all these issues was jurisdiction. Every agency has their own team of investigators, their own protocol, and their own responsibilities and agendas. When something like this occurs involving multiple jurisdictions, it can be difficult for the each agency to work efficiently and effectively together. Because these agencies were unable to work together the crime scene was left unsecure, evidence was lost or destroyed, and inefficient searches were completed. 2. Explain how investigators used reference samples to determine that the victims had been held at the residence located at…

Forensic Technician

Primarily employed by government agencies, forensic technicians apply scientific principles in laboratories or in fields. Indoors, forensic technicians analyze and test evidence from crime scenes by applying a variety of methods to help investigations. Outdoors, they gather evidence and assist criminal investigations. They also provide testimonies on their findings in court. Typical Day On a typical day, forensic technicians mainly examine and test evidence obtained from crime scene investigators. Evidence may range from fibre samples to weapons to strands of hair. Although some forensic scientists are generalists, most specialize in certain areas such as toxicology, biology or firearm analysis. For instance, toxicology specialists examine body fluids for traces of drugs, poison or alcohol while those in firearm analyze bullets, cartridges…