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Forensic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Forensic Scientists in Law Enforcement

With the advancement in information technology, the complexity of criminal cases has also increased. This has led to rising incidences of highly sophisticated crimes that require a well grounded evidence that can help prosecutors to proof an individual guilty before a court of law. This can be done successfully by use of forensic science. Due to this it can be fully agreed that more forensic scientists should be employed in endeavor to deal with the rising cases of crime whose justification in court following due process is a challenge (Fridell, 2006, p. 27). If more forensic scientists are deployed, they will assist in the investigation of numerous cases on downfall of key financial and non-financial organizations that has been due to…

Police and Forensic Science Technician

I am majoring in the criminal justice because I am very interested in many aspects of the field. I have a few career aspirations, although I do not know which one or ones to pursue , I do know that no matter which I choose I will be using a lot of the information gained from my SOSC 102 course within my career choice. I also possess many personal strengths that make me best suited for my career choice. Some of My Future Career Aspirations My number one career aspiration is to become a forensic science technician. I’d like to become a forensic science technician because I love solving problems, and I think outside of the box in situations where…